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Dig In To Deutschland

Our take on German classics. All our bratwurst are gluten free. Vegan and gluten free buns are available.

Bratwurst £7.95

Choose either a plain, cheese stuffed or chilli bratwurst in a brioche hot dog roll served american style with ketchup mustard and crispy onions. Vegan and gluten free buns are available

Bavarian Bangers & Mash £9.95

Grilled bratwurst served with mash, sauerkraut and Erdinger gravy

Currywurst £6.95

Grilled bratwurst tossed in curry ketchup served with seasoned fries (GF)

Loaded German Fries Sharer £5.95

Skin on fries tossed in peppers, onions, Cajun bacon and garlic and topped with melted cheese

Halloumi Schnitzel £8.95

Panko breaded halloumi served with mashed potato and topped with peppercorn sauce or Erdinger gravy (V)

Warm Pretzel ££2.50

Warm pretzel served with a cream cheese dip

Our Favourites

All meals served with seasoned fries & coleslaw

Chipotle BBQ Ribs £7.95 | £12.95

Dry rubbed then glazed with chipotle BBQ served with extra pot of chipotle BBQ for dipping

Wings N Ribs £11.95

½ rack of baby back ribs / 3 Wings with a choice of BBQ or Buffalo hot sauce and extra BBQ and blue cheese dip

Bierkeller Big Sharer £24.95

Chicken wings (5), tempura prawns (5), jalapeño poppers (5), breaded mushrooms (5), onion rings (5), tortilla chips and guacamole

Sides & Starters

Chicken Wings £4.50 | £7.50 | £10.50

3, 6, or 9 wings tossed in BBQ or Buffalo hot sauce served with a blue cheese dip (GF)

Chicken Strips £4.95 | £7.95 | £10.95

3, 6 or 9 strips tossed in BBQ or Buffalo hot sauce served with a blue cheese dip (GF)

Quesadilla £5.95

Folded grilled tortilla stuffed with salsa, cheese, peppers and broccoli, choose either: Grilled chicken or halloumi (V)

Jalapeno Poppers £4.95

With a tomato dipping salsa

Sides & Starters

Garlic Bread £2.50

Ciabatta bread with garlic butter (V)

Cheesy Garlic Bread £3.50

Ciabatta bread with garlic butter and cheese (V)

Tomato Garlic Bread £3.50

Ciabatta bread with garlic butter and pizza sauce (V)

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms £4.50

Panko breaded button mushrooms with garlic mayo dip (V)

Burgers & Sandwiches

All burgers served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and gherkin, served with seasoned skin on fries and coleslaw. Gluten free and vegan buns are available.

Beef Burger £7.95

6oz beef patty with burger sauce

Porto Burger £7.95

Two portobello mushrooms topped with grilled red and yellow peppers, caramelised red onion chutney and burger relish, served in a vegan bun (V) (VE)

Bierkeller Ciabatta Club £8.95

Toasted ciabatta loaded with grilled chicken, Cajun bacon, Monterrey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo

Falafel & Hummus Melt £8.50

Ciabatta with spinach and falafel patty, hummus, grilled peppers and vegan cheese (VE)

Garden Burger £8.50

A spinach and falafel patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese and mint yogurt (V)

Chicken Schnitzel Burger £9.95

Panko breaded chicken breast topped with Cajun bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and burger sauce


2-4-1 Every Tuesday

Classic Italian £8.50

Beef tomato, oregano and fresh basil

Meat Feast £9.50

Pepperoni, BBQ pulled pork, sliced bratwurst and ham

Spicy Vegan £8.95

Vegan chilli, peppers, onions, vegans

Garlic Lovers £8.95

Chicken, ham, mushroom, garlic butter

Sauces & Extras

Fries (GF)(V)(VE) £2.50

Cheesy Fries (GF)(V) £3.50

Sweet Potato Fries £3.50

Mashed Potato (V)(GF) £3.50

Onion Rings (V)(VE) £3.00

Sauerkraut £0.95

Peppercorn Sauce £1.50

Erdinger Gravy £1.50

Salsa £0.50

Blue Cheese £0.50

Chipolte BBQ £0.50

Hot Sauce £0.50

Sweet Chilli £0.50

Garlic Mayo £0.50


Under 500 Calories

Chicken & Avocado £8.50

Grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, cucumber, red onion and tequila lime dressing

Halloumi & Grain £8.50

Halloumi, grains, muki beans tomato and balsamic dressing


Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.95

Warm chocolate fudge cake served with ice cream and chocolate sauce

Apple Strudel £4.95

Served with hot custard