10 Tips to Avoid Embarrassment at Your Work Christmas Party

Worried about your potential work Christmas party behaviour? Maybe you’re too accustomed to taking shots or have a bad case of dad dancing. Luckily, the team at The Bierkeller have seen it all. Simply carry on reading to discover our top ten tips for getting through your Christmas work celebration with none of the post-party dread or embarrassment!

Actually attend!

This first top tip may seem obvious, but actually making the effort to attend your Christmas work party can make all the difference. Even if you’re a natural introvert or simply prefer to avoid socialising, attending is the first step to getting on the good side of your colleagues.

Double check the dress code

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a social event either under or over-dressed. Paying attention to the dress code, be it formal or casual, is therefore vital to feeling both confident and comfortable, and will help you to avoid an embarrassing fashion faux pas.

Keep an eye on your alcohol

While it’s important to get on the dancefloor and enjoy yourself at any Christmas party, losing all inhibition is never good idea in this semi-professional setting. Pacing yourself or alternating between an alcoholic drink and water will help you to keep your wits about you.

Stay on your feet

Sitting in one place all evening doesn’t scream social butterfly. Instead, we recommend staying on your feet and mingling amongst the crowd. This will prevent you from talking too much to just one person or giving off the impression that you don’t want to be at the event at all.

Move away from the mistletoe

Remember, whatever happens at this party is likely to follow you back to the workplace, so it’s important that you don’t make any poor decisions. Regardless of whether that means staying away from the mistletoe or avoiding gossiping, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Keep the conversation casual

In a party setting, no one is thinking about business and it’s certainly not an occasion to ask for a pay rise. While this topic of conversation may seem like a natural subject to discuss with colleagues, it’s not likely to win you any popularity awards. Instead, stick to light-hearted and interesting, newsworthy subjects.

Make travel arrangements

In order to avoid drunkenly stumbling home or falling asleep while waiting for cab, it’s wise to plan your post-party travel arrangements beforehand. Whether that means carpooling with co-workers or arranging a lift from a friend or partner, making it home safely (and without causing a scene!) is a must!

Take pictures at the start of the evening

Instead of waiting until the end of the evening to climb into the photo booth with your co-workers, get the pictures out of the way at the start of the night. This way, you’ll look and feel your best, ensuring any captured moments are memorable for all the right reasons.

Hone your dancing skills

Many Christmas work parties involve some degree of dancing, but remember, not everyone has the outstanding moves of a professional dancer. Unless you want to spend some time practicing your best moves, we suggest taking it easy on the dance floor.

Avoid expensive venues

One for the work Christmas party planning committee – don’t opt for an expensive party venue. While some companies might provide a free bar, others won’t which means employees will be left to pay out for their own drinks. Choosing somewhere affordable is therefore essential.

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