Why choose The Bierkeller for your next team building event?

Searching for some of the best team building ideas? Why not scrap the traditional activities for something a little more colourful than corporate this year? With the vibrant Bierkeller as your choice of team building venue, you needn’t worry about uninterested attendees feigning excitement.

Offering a wide variety of captivating games, the latest audio and visual tech, as well as a choice of four central locations dotted across the country, our Bierkeller venues can cater to all kinds of requests. So, wave goodbye to the stuffy and mundane, we’re here to provide a revitalising change of scenery for your corporate team building events.

However, before we find out why the Bierkeller should be the next venue to host your team building event, let’s unpick the definition of team building and discover some of the more traditional team building activities. Plus, we’ll explore why these events are so important and how they can improve your business.

What is team building?

Put simply, team building is the process of encouraging a group of people to work together to accomplish a shared goal. Team building activities can take many forms, but the main objective remains the same – to achieve something together and to learn transferable skills that can be applied to their professional lives, regardless of their role.

Instead of working separately as a group of individuals, team building encourages communication and cohesion, and is therefore a great way to consolidate teams and address any weaknesses. Regardless of whether your aim is to fully assimilate new employees into your business or ensure long-term employees still feel valued, team building activities can help you to accomplish all kinds of goals.

What are the skills required for team building?

Many of the skills needed for team building are the exact same skills that the participants can stand to gain or improve upon by taking part in one of these events. Most groups will be able to work together and communicate effectively, but a team building event could boost these skills even further to create a more united workforce. During any team building event, it’s important to focus on three key areas; teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills.


As you might expect, to succeed at any team building event, effective teamwork is essential. Often, companies hire members of staff with vastly different skillsets and personalities because they are the best fit for their respective roles. However, these opposing personalities can cause strain in the workplace if they are constantly disagreeing or unable to work alongside one another. This is where team building can help them to find a way to overcome their different approaches to work.

Interpersonal skills

Linked to effective teamwork, interpersonal skills play an equally large part in successful team building. These valuable skills include assertiveness and conflict resolution – both vital skills for keeping your team on-task, electing the right leader to take charge during the event and diffusing any tension throughout the day. Regardless of whether your workforce is lacking these interpersonal skills or you simply want to strengthen them, booking a team building event can help.


Crucial for building both teamwork and interpersonal skills is communication, which includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. From the body language and facial expressions involved in non-verbal communication to the tone and clarity that can be gained from verbal communication, these skills will play a vital part in any team building event.

What are some traditional team building ideas?

Team building ideas can include everything from the active, adrenaline-packed activities to the more intellectually-challenging and creative tasks. The right team building activity for your company or team will depend on the values and purpose of your business.

For example, if you’re the head of a customer-facing company, like a bar or a hotel, you might consider a team building activity that builds vital skills in this industry such as patience, resourcefulness and communication. This will help to strengthen the current skillset of your staff, while also encouraging your employees to socialise with one another.

You can also pick the perfect team building activity by considering the type of skills you believe may be lacking in your team. If you’re looking for a team building idea that will require players to use logic and reasoning, then why not try scavenger hunts and escape rooms? To test the problem-solving skills of a group of people, murder mystery evenings and outdoor mazes are a popular option.

Alternatively, you can always use an employee poll to gain the interest in a wider variety of team building activities before committing to one or two of the most popular options. By using a poll or questionnaire to gauge interest in various team building ideas, you’ll be able to ensure that your team are actually excited about and eager to participate in the chosen team building event.

Why choose The Bierkeller for corporate team building events?

As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Jill a dull girl). Cue the Bierkeller! As a vibrant and lively venue with a reputation for the raucous, we’re here to break up the mundane and boost workplace morale like never before.

Our Bierkeller corporate and work events offer an invigorating change of pace to the traditional corporate team building events that your employees might be used to. Instead of opting for the traditional team building activities that your staff may have attended more times than they care to remember, why not try something that energizes and uplifts your employees?

Tasty dishes and Bavarian beverages

Part of parcel of the Bierkeller experience, we offer an extensive selection of delicious food and drink. Craving the classics? Try out our beloved Bierkeller food and drink menus that feature stein cocktails, the finest imported European beers and unmissable, traditional Oktoberfest fare (we’re talking bratwursts and schnitzels galore!).

Alternatively, we also have a Shooters bar that whips up a few Bavarian treats alongside many appetising American dishes, like pizzas, burgers and wings (explore the full food menu). Also boasting many tempting vegan and vegetarian options, we cater for a wide audience to ensure we satisfy the appetite of every customer. To wash it down, the Shooters drink menu is bursting with wine, cocktails and beers to delight all tastes.

Terrific tech

Another stag do quintessential, a quad biking trekking experience is the perfect way to blow off steam and embrace the outdoors for stag parties that aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. On this all-terrain vehicle, you’ll be able to conquer all kinds of landscapes with ease and reach thrilling speeds.

Plus, once you’ve had your fill of off-road quad biking, you can get spruced up and hit the town to discover the perfect drinking hole!

Endless entertainment

If you and your pals are on the competitive side, you can also explore indoor go-karting. A great way to introduce a little healthy competition to your stag do, indoor go-karting provides the ultimate racing experience when the weather isn’t on your side. With a bottle of bubbly waiting for the winner, it’s the perfect way to kick off an evening of drinking.

So, if you’re planning a winter wedding and you’ve always had a need for speed, you won’t want to miss out on this thrilling opportunity.

Location, location, location

Lastly but certainly not least, our Liverpool Bierkeller venue is overflowing with rib-tickling entertainment, delicious food and mouth-watering beverages to impress every type of groom and stag party. From our laughter-packed Oompah shows and virtual darts lanes to our wide selection of LED TV screens showcasing the latest sporting events, there’s no shortage of entertaining options.

Featuring classic long bench tables, our immense Liverpool venue is set out over two floors and will have no trouble accommodating large stag dos. So, don’t forget to invite all your mates!

An energetic atmosphere

Unlike the lacklustre atmosphere in standard corporate venues that can feel too formal and stifling when you want to encourage your team to connect, Bierkeller venues offer a livelier alternative. A popular place for watching the big footie game live or taking in one of our rip-roaring oompah shows, the electric energy of our animated venues is sure to put a smile on your face as soon as you enter.

Cracking customer service

More than the central locations, tasty fare, and extensive entertainment options, our customers keep coming back thanks to our approachable and friendly staff. Always eager to grab you another drink or ensure your event goes off without a hitch, we pride ourselves on our dedicated and unparalleled customer service.

Extremely versatile venue

Incredibly versatile, our venues can also accommodate stag dos and hen parties as well as birthday celebrations, Christmas parties and so much more. With a helping hand from one of our staff members, we can create a tailored food, drink and event package that suits your event requirements.

For the professional community, we offer modern rooms that are great for hosting training days and conferences alongside team building activities. Plus, if your plans to impress a big potential client succeed, we have plenty of Dom Perignon bubbly to help you celebrate once you’ve sealed the deal!

Book The Bierkeller today!

Eager to make an online Bierkeller booking? Between our unmatched customer service and our refreshing atmosphere, we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t be! So, why not contact us today to find out more about how we can introduce a little bit of life to your next team building event?

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