STAG & HEN Party

The Ultimate Party Venue for your Stag Or Hen Do


“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is a well-known slogan, but when it comes to Stag and Hen Parties, it’s the law!

The vast majority of people will experience at least one of these booze-fuelled events in their lifetime, more if you’re lucky!

If you are looking for the perfect venue to book a stag or hen do, look no further.

Our venues in Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester, HALIFAX and Birmingham have hosted thousands of stag & hen do’s since we opened our first Bierkeller and there’s plenty more to come!

Make the ‘Last Night of Freedom’ an epic one and join us at one of our five venues across the country. Whether it be our famous Oompah Show, a day in Shooters watching your favourite sport or a night out with cocktails and dancing!

The Ultimate Hen party venue

What exactly should Hens expect?


For the ladies, they will often adorn themselves in loud matching T-shirts adorned with the name of the ‘hen’. Then, quite noticeably, the bride-to-be will be distinguished by a provocative extra, usually something lewd!

As the decades have gone by, hen parties have tended to begin in airport lounges with free-flowing prosecco before boarding a flight to a popular lively holiday destination.

Naturally, it is a magnet for a group of lads who see a buoyant group of girls as a target for their menial chat-up lines!

More than that, it’s a high-spirted weekend of alcohol and hangovers giving their friend that one last blast as a single lady.

The Ultimate Stag party venue

What exactly should Stags expect?


Now, the men have very different ideas, and it usually centres on maximum embarrassment for the groom – of course, referred to as ‘the stag’.

This gathering will be pals from the pub, and perhaps the groom’s local soccer club, joining the best man on what is a beer fest.

Pints galore, shots and a tumultuous rendition of booze-fuelled songs are generally a sign that you are in the presence of a stag party.

These sessions usually end in a local kebab house or Indian restaurant with everyone seeing who can manage the hottest curry on the menu.

Now, the Bierkeller can provide a backdrop for these celebrations, assuming you choose the UK as the destination.


With a choice of four hugely popular city centre locations – Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester, HALIFAX  and Birmingham – there is a plethora of activities available to add to the party itinerary.

Choose one of the venues, book your party, and then work the event around that.

Don’t worry about having food, drink and music – we have that box ticked. Plus, pub games to add that little extra spice and frivolity.

Then why not make a weekend of it? End your night at the Bierkeller, but give yourself plenty of things to do in the daytime.

Hen Party At The Bierkeller
Stag Do At The Bierkeller