Stag do ideas for small groups

Traditionally, stag dos comprise of a large group of men essentially getting drunk and celebrating their mate’s final days of what they consider ‘freedom’.

 Like any gatherings, a stag party comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is no maximum number – it generally comes down to something as simple as available seats on the hired minibus.

But technically speaking, the lowest denominator is two persons; a groom and his best man.

While that would perhaps be considered a little pathetic and certainly highlight the blatant unpopularity of the fella getting married – two people is the least you need.

So let’s assume the groom isn’t disliked enough to only find one mate. Instead, we will be generous and opt for six as an example for this article.

Maybe he could persuade dad to pop along, a couple of lads from the pub and his brother-in-law to be. To your everyday beer-swilling bloke in a pub, a stag do has a certain distinct appeal combined with a difficulty to refuse.

Half-a-dozen lads on a stag is generally considered to be a small group. Right, ideas….

Planning a stag do for a small group of mates

If we assume the groom has deliberately chosen a low number of attendees, then it’s likely charm towards people he knows isn’t a strong characteristic.

Therefore, he sees this event as more of a token gesture reluctantly decided purely out of tradition and the likelihood is ‘dull’ could well be the theme of this gathering – it’s unlikely Vegas is on the cards.

While cost might not play a factor, effort certainly appears like it will. That takes us back to the minibus idea or even a taxi if a couple bail out in the run-up.

Where to go on a small stag do?

Popular options

Pick a bar that will cater to your needs; that is where one of our four Bierkellers comes in of course.

If you happen to be close to Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool then we have everything you need for a fun stag party of any size.

Failing that, a nice meal in a local restaurant is possibly the more civilised way to stage a small stag do. You could choose a nice eatery that doubles up as a bar and make an enjoyable evening out of it.

Ever seen that classic Only Fools and Horses episode where they all enjoy a trip to the seaside? On that occasion, it was Margate. However, if it’s the right season, then all hop on a train and spend a day at a nearby coastal resort.

Think outside the box

Museums and monuments don’t tend to rate very highly on the popular stag do suggestions but they have their place among the more sophisticated reveller. For many, those trips beat drinking lager out of a shoe and munching on a kebab at 4am.

It really does depend on what you are looking for. Options are endless but above are just a few. Word of warning – the words ‘stag party’ usually involve large consumptions of lager, loud music and strippers.

If you’re planning one which doesn’t include at least one of those expected criteria, best to make that fact known or an excursion to the British Museum might be a bit of a shock.

Book your small stag do with The Bierkeller

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