The Ultimate party venue


The Bavarian Bierkeller. The best German beers served in two pint steins, all brought ice cold to your table by waitresses in classic Bavarian dress. Come along and relax with friends in the most unique social drinking environment that you will find anywhere because it does not get better than this.

Bierkeller, Shooters Sports Bar and Rack & Roller set over 3 floors.

15-17 Friar Lane, Nottingham

shooters rack ‘n’ roll & Bierkeller  is a smash hit with Bavarian beer lovers in Birmingham! 

21-22 Essex Street, Birmingham, B5 4TR 

Around The World, Shooters Sports Bar & Bierkeller set over 2 floors.

The Printworks, Manchester

Bierkeller, Shooters Sports Bar and Around The World set over 2 floors.

6 Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool

our newest location with a rooftop bar, Bierkeller and shooters rack ‘n’ roll!

24 Fountain Street, Halifax, HX1 1LW