Oktoberfest In The UK: Is there an Oktoberfest in the UK?

For those who like a few pints, the word ‘Oktoberfest’ leaves you salivating at the mouth like a ravishing dog staring at your steak dinner.

Held annually in Munich, Germany, the popular folk festival is a beer lovers’ paradise – attracting millions of visitors each year from across the globe. 

Generally kicking off in mid-to-late September, the world’s largest Volksfest, which roughly translated means beer festival and travelling funfair, attracts in excess of six million visitors.

Popular pastime this drinking lark, hey?!

Are there any Oktoberfest-themed events in the UK?

But if you don’t fancy heading all the way over to the Bavaria region of Deutschland to experience the delights of the occasion, then you need not worry.

Fortunately, there are plenty of UK-based Oktoberfest-themed events to pop your head into instead.

Oktoberfest-themed events in the UK

So, what are your Oktoberfest party idea destinations this year?

Well naturally, it’s a dish which is top of the all Bierkeller menus during October.

Oktoberfest at The Bierkeller

All four of our venues will be observing this beer-fuelled fun German tradition.

This year, the Bierkellers in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Halifax will each be replicating this wondrous experience in all its glory.

If steins, bratwursts and men in brown trousers playing the tuba is your thing, then we have you covered.

For one magical evening, entering the doors of a Bierkeller will be like being mysteriously transported to Narnia – well, that’s if Narnia is anything like Munich – but you get the gist!

Let us take you on a journey deep into the heart of Bavaria where, for a few hours, you can immerse yourself in a steeped 200-year old German tradition where drinking and fun is a prerequisite.

Enjoy real Oktoberfest atompshere at the UK's biggest Bavarian party venues

You’ll instantly believe you’re standing in the heart of Munich dressed in dirndls and lederhosen – local costumes which we always encourage you to don.

Once there, we invite you to get stuck into as many brats, hog rolls, schnitzels, pretzels, kraut and wursts as you can, all washed down with the finest German booze.

But if you can’t wait until Oktoberfest season for some Bavarian fun, then don’t panic!

Because we also have our trademark Oompa shows which brings the Oktoberfest party to our Bierkellers all year round!

Alternative Oktoberfest events in the UK

While we at Bierkeller claim to be the best, when it comes to throwing an indistinguishable UK Oktoberfest experience there are other destinations who can boast a fine alternative.

Butlins, the renowned holiday camp people, have launched the much welcomed Bavarian-themed break as one of their ‘Big Weekenders’ this October.

With quite a few UK destinations to choose from, guests can also experience a genuine German Oktoberfest with all the trimmings – authentic beer tents, Oompah bands, sing-alongs and plenty of live music

So, there are of course the four Bierkeller venues and quite a few Butlins Holiday Camps dotted around the United Kingdom. Where else on these shores can you find a good old fashioned Oktoberfest?

Truth be told, most major cities and large towns will generally celebrate this global tradition. You’d be pretty unfortunate to be living somewhere in the UK that isn’t relatively close to a party-themed replication of this famous festival.

Oktoberfest in Scotland

The Scots love their ale, and make no apology hiding that fact. Every year, tens of thousands people take the pilgrimage to Edinburgh and other parts of the Highlands to experience their annual drinking convention; Hogmanay.

Given the vast popularity of that monumental occasion, it seems completely logical that Oktoberfest beeps brightly on their radar.

This September, Glasgow is home to Scotland’s biggest Oktoberfest tribute as hordes of thirsty revellers will converge on Queen’s Park Recreation Park, just outside the city centre, for a long weekend of everything related to the German adored event.

Book your Oktoberfest party with The Bierkeller

As the world gradually returns to some kind of normality, more and more venues are reopening their doors, welcoming punters back in to their midst with some age-old traditions.

And none more so than a themed Oktoberfest.

So wherever you are in the UK, put it high at the top of a list of things to do.

Get in touch with us and we would be delighted to share your experience of this truly magnificent 19th-century German tradition.