What can I do for my hen do?

As your final act of ‘freedom’ before the big day, a standard night out simply won’t cut it for your hen do.

Planning a raucous occasion is typically top of any bride’s or Maid of Honour’s (MoH’s) to-do list, but how can you transform a standard night on the town into something more memorable?

Well, if the wedding is coming up soon and you’re still failing to feel inspired, we’ve assembled a handful of hen do themes to help. Each one is based on different personalities to ensure you pick hen do entertainment that matches your personality.

Plus, for those brides that prefer a sober night out or want to avoid traditional hen do entertainment altogether, we also check out a range of activities that won’t leave you nursing a hangover.

However, before we dive straight into the hen do themes and activities available – let’s answer the practical questions first. For example, who’s actually responsible for paying for a hen do? Step away from the credit card, let’s find out.

Do hens pay for the bride?

According to tradition, the hens do pay for the hen night as well as for the bride. Typically, the MoH will be in charge of the kitty – a pot of money that every hen adds to in order to cover the costs of their big night out!

Often going towards drinks, food and any activities you choose to book, this makes paying throughout the night easier – especially towards the end of the evening when purses and phones tend to get misplaced! How much money the hens decide to add to the kitty will naturally depend on the type of activities they want to participate in, how long the hen do lasts, and how many hens attend.

For example, a few rounds of drinks at your local pub with just a few friends won’t set you back nearly as much as a fancy meal out followed by a bar crawl.

However, if you’ve planned an elaborate weekend away either abroad or closer to home, then the hen party will tend to pay only for one evening out rather than covering the bride’s expenses for the entire trip. While many hens are more than happy to buy a few cocktails for the bride, asking them to shell out to cover her travel costs (as well as their own) is unlikely to go down well!

Never fear though hens – you can always encourage the bride to give a little back as she’s traditionally responsible for buying wedding gifts for her bridesmaids. Got your eye on the perfect pair of heels? It’s payback time!

What do you do at a hen do?

The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the personality of the bride as well as the preferences of the hen party. Traditionally (way back in the 19th century) hen dos were an opportunity for dancing and drinking tea.

Nowadays, these ladies-only celebrations are the perfect place for the bride to let her hair down and thoroughly enjoy her last night of being a single lady. Often featuring inordinate amounts of alcohol and even, on occasion, an exotic male dancer or two, these pre-wedding get-togethers can become rather rowdy and racy!

However, not all modern hen dos are limited to day drinking and novelty straws, oh no. They come in all shapes and sizes to ensure every type of bride gets her desired hen do. From therapeutic and creative experiences like ceramic painting and pottery making to relaxing yoga retreats and singing your heart out in a karaoke booth, there’s no shortage of hen do options to explore.

Generally, the MoH will plan the hen do with added input and guidance from both the bridal party and the bride herself. However, some hen parties will keep the hen do a complete secret from the bride, so it’s up to the hens to pick the perfect theme.

If, as the bride, you do decide to give your hen party all the power, then you better keep your fingers crossed and hope that your best mates know you better than yourself!

Hen do themes for every type of bride

If you’re still scratching your head for hen do inspiration, then don’t worry. We’ve whipped up an impressive selection of hen do themes and activities fit for all kinds of brides.

To make picking the perfect hen do theme even easier (for either your own soirée or on behalf of the bride), we’ve selected an array of hen do activities according to the personality of the bride. Are you more of a traditional bride or are you keen to go with the flow? Doesn’t matter – we have the hen do for you!

Regardless of whether you like the sound of a good old-fashioned,

The traditional bride

If you’ve always craved the traditional hen do party that turns heads at every bar you visit, then you can’t go wrong with a classic bar crawl. Featuring L-plates, pink sashes, customised matching t-shirts and plenty of lip-pursing shots, these traditional hen parties may leave you with a hangover, but you won’t be short on hilarious memories either!

The most important rule when it comes to hen do bar crawls is to book ahead, because not all bars will accept the size and nature of hen dos and stag parties. Thankfully, the Bierkeller offers a selection of tempting shooters for great prices to ensure it always makes the final stop (bar the kebab shop) on your extravaganza.

For a strong and spicy shot, we recommend The Flatliner – a fiery combination of white sambuca, hot sauce and tequila. For something a little cooler, why not try Oil Slick? A mixture of white sambuca, blue curacao and Jägermeister, it goes down a treat.

One last tip for successfully pulling off a traditional hen do? Remember to drink plenty of water before you hit the hay!

The chilled-out bride

If you want to feel more refreshed than worn-out after your hen do, there’s nothing better than a spa day – or even a whole weekend to fully rejuvenate!

That’s right; once you’ve found the right spa retreat based on location and their range of treatments, the whole bridal party can focus on fending off those pre-wedding stresses and strains. Whether you’re the MoH in need of a professional deep tissue massage or the bride herself looking for a little pampering, a heavenly spa day simply doesn’t compare to an at-home face mask.

Chilled out brides may not want to paint the town red, but they often like to go with the flow, making an evening of drinks followed by a spa session their ideal hen do combo. As a result, many laidback brides love the sound of our entertaining games packages, too – score!

The shopaholic bride

When the bride is well-known for her fabulous taste in fashion or passion for homeware and can’t resist popping into her favourite designer store, a shopping-themed hen do is a no-brainer.

To kick off this shopping themed soirée, there’s no better place to start than a bottomless brunch. A sophisticated yet fun start to the day, it provides the perfect moment to discuss the various shops you want to visit while simultaneously getting a little tipsy!

Once you’ve had your fill of unlimited cosmos, it’s time to hit the shops and find that perfect party-starting outfit for the night ahead. Couple with your favourite pair of killer heels and you’re ready to make the most of your pre-wedding weekend away by paying an evening visit to your local Bierkeller.

The booze-fuelled bride

hen prty

Not to be confused with traditional brides, a bride guided by booze cares only for the beverages. When it comes to L-plates and sashes, she can take them or leave them, she’s here for the alcohol and she doesn’t care who knows it! So, let’s plan the Heineken-inspired hen do of her dreams!

What better way to wet your whistle for a day of drinking than to begin with a brewery or vineyard tour? These guided tours often explain the beverage-making process and are commonly topped off with an irresistible beer or wine tasting session at the end – delicious!

To continue the tasty theme, it’s a good idea to fill up with some food, so the whole party can continue drinking comfortably well into the night. Plus, to prevent the hassle involved with moving from venue to venue, why not combine drinking, feasting and entertainment by booking a table at the Bierkeller?

A no-brainer for brides that want a fuss-free evening of imbibing, the Bierkeller is your one-stop shop for ordering all kinds of flavourful cocktails, authentic German beers, and spirits. Well-equipped for catering to both hen dos and stag parties with our rip-roaring Oompah shows, the laughter is sure to flow just as freely as the drinks.

Bring on The Bierkeller

Luckily, we’ve opened up four Bavarian-inspired Bierkeller venues across the UK to ensure you’re never too far from one of our unmissable knees-up experiences. Alongside our unmissable Oompah shows, our venues also come complete with an array of HD TV screens and various bars dishing out mouth-watering Bavarian fare and beverages.

Searching for the perfect hen do venue in the Midlands? Why not try our Nottingham or Birmingham location? Boasting English pool tables, darts lanes and gigantic super screens, our Nottingham venue is a sport-fanatics haven, while the Birmingham bolt hole promises many of the same perks.

Alternatively, if you live a little further north or are planning your hen do in one of these vibrant cities, we have a centrally-located Manchester venue and a stunning Liverpool Bierkeller complete with a large biergarten overlooking the city’s famous Albert Docks! Whichever location you settle on, you’ll still receive the same fantastic customer service.

Ideal for all kinds of brides either as an all-evening venue or a rest stop (even the shopaholic bride needs a beverage break!), our Bierkeller venues offer a wide selection of affordable hen party deals and games packages. With the ability to accommodate large hen party groups and more intimate pre-wedding celebrations alike, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Having welcomed our fair share of hen parties through our doors, we’re no strangers to boisterous hens, a touch of lewd language and hilarious group outfits. Booking the Bierkeller on behalf of the bride? We’ll make sure she won’t forget her last blast as a single lady.

For a high-spirted evening of fun, frolicking and unforgettable memories, look to the Bierkeller to book your hen do. Steins of delicious cocktails and ice-cold Pilsner await!