Hen Do Ideas On A Budget

With most engaged couples, the bride will always be thinking of how beautiful the wedding day will be.

However, for the majority of grooms, it’s entirely the opposite.

He’ll be leaving the wedding day sorting to the ladies, because there’s a good chance his mind is firmly on the stag party!

That said, the Hen Do is still a huge part of the run-up to any wedding. OK, so it might not be the bridal party’s priority but when it comes to the organising, the focus will certainly be switched on.

How much should you spend on a Hen Do?

Traditionally, a hen party is the job of the Maid of Honour to arrange. Like anything in life, unfortunately, plans are dictated to by cost. In other words, it will come down to what everyone can afford.

Weddings aren’t cheap occasions. We are talking thousands of pounds, and while the lads will get their long weekend in Prague regardless of purse strings, women are a little more sensible when there is a big financial commitment looming on the horizon.

That said, many popular UK resort hotels tend to hike prices up when they smell a hen party booking – and that drives the ladies straight into the hands of places like the Balearic Islands.

You can often get a week in Spain cheaper than a few days in Blackpool.

So when it comes to budget, don’t think that hampers travel.

Choose Bierkeller for a Hen Night that won't break the bank

hen night at The Bierkeller

Naturally, the most affordable hen party is a huge session over the course of a single night in a pub. And you can thank the Bierkeller for offering the perfect solution.

OK, so we can’t promise a beach. However, what we can guarantee is fun, drink, music and games galore. You won’t need the sun for an indoor party which makes us the ideal choice if budget is the key.

Set your price, give us a call, and let our friendly staff look at the best possible package for you.

Other ideas for a Hen Do on a budget

But if you fancy a more extensive trip, perhaps abroad, then there are some amazing deals to be found online if you shop around.

Personally, I love a full board holiday. This essentially allows you to fly out, stay in a nice hotel, fill up on food and get a few free drinks in the tank before hitting the town.

Then all you need is a few quid for the local bars, and let’s face it, these hot spots LOVE a hen party approaching their doors. They’ll probably be complimentary shots flowing before you even open your purses.

Other ideas are a day trip to the spa. What hen party wouldn’t love hours being pampered? Hotels offer some amazing packages in a bid to entice a group of girls to first return, and then perhaps stay for the evening.

Daily excursions, trips to the theatre or even a nice restaurant if you are looking at something more low key.

But whatever your budget, if you search hard enough then you will find something that tailors your needs very nicely.

Book The Bierkeller for a cheaper Hen Party

For more information on our hen party packages, simply make a booking enquiry and one of our team will walk you through the different options to ensure your special night has everything you need.

Alternatively, give us a call on 08455 333 000 or email to reserve your table or organise your Bierkeller party today.