Corporate event ideas that will make your office laugh out loud

Keen to shake off some office stress? Here at The Bierkeller, we’re bursting with tips, tricks, and fun corporate event ideas to help you transform the same-old traditional corporate events into highly amusing activities that everyone will want to be a part of. From following a theme to adding interactive elements, there’s endless ways that you can instantly up the fun factor! 

How to make corporate events fun

Encourage interaction

Introducing interactive elements to your scheduled corporate event activities is a great way to really engage your audience and encourage them to get involved. This might involve hosting an interactive quiz, bingo day, or even a murder mystery night. After all, it’s always more entertaining to be an active part of the corporate event than to be a passive viewer!

Ditch the business talk

While discussing business may feel like a natural topic of conversation when speaking to your employees, co-workers, and corporate clients, it can really dampen the party atmosphere. Instead, opt for fun, neutral topics of conversation (smoothly avoiding controversial subjects like politics) that can be spoken about freely and light-heartedly to create an environment where everyone feels included and comfortable.

Follow a theme

Giving your corporate activities an overall theme can help to make your corporate soirée more of an event to look forward to! Regardless of whether you opt for an evening of winter wonderland activities, or a day packed with tropical touches to really encourage everyone to relax, choosing a theme that complements your corporate event idea can help to create a real buzz about your business!

Opt for a physical activity

Is there anything more entertaining than getting corporate clients up on their feet? Choosing a physical activity (like an obstacle course experience, zorbing day out, segway tutorial, or kayaking trip) is guaranteed to get the giggles going as your attendees find their balance and show off their personality. Ideal for encouraging even the most professional of corporate clients to loosen up a little, there’s a long list of physical excursions to explore!

Take care of the costs

One of the easiest ways to make an event instantly more enjoyable for the attendees is to cover their costs. Nowadays, businesses can employ remote and hybrid workers that live across the country or even around the world. To help make your corporate event even more enticing and take the stress out of attending, we therefore recommend covering as much of their travel, accommodation, and dining expenses as possible

How to deliver outstanding corporate events

By adopting some of the corporate event ideas mentioned above, you can create a corporate blow-out that’s upbeat and fun rather than monotonous and uninspiring. Whichever idea you choose to implement at your upcoming corporate bash, it’s important to cater to your attendees needs and foster a friendly and relaxed environment that promotes networking and conversation.

Crucially, you should always consider how an attendee will feel after your event, so try to see everything from their perspective.

Why host your corporate event at The Bierkeller?

From the location to the entertainment, every Bierkeller bar is designed to impress guests with their lively atmosphere and convenience. Across the UK, we’ve built five fantastic venues (including Bierkellers in Liverpool, Manchester, Halifax, Nottingham and Birmingham) – all of which are fully-equipped to accommodate a wide range of corporate events.

Eager to find out more? Some of our fun corporate event ideas include everything from quiz and bingo evenings to live music and DJ entertainment, sporting events, and even race and casino nights (*subject to your budget requirements, of course). So, no matter what your interests are or the type of corporate clients you have, we can put on a corporate night that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Looking for something a little more relaxed? We’ve got you covered. Regardless of whether you want to take in one of our unmissable oompah shows, watch some action-packed live sport, or simply explore the delicious selection of German-inspired food and drink on our menus whilst you impress your corporate clients, our Bierkeller venues are always on hand to help.

Keen to book your place at The Bierkeller?

Here at The Bierkeller, we offer a wide range of bespoke corporate event and party packages (*depending on your budget) to ensure we can cater to all kinds of clients and their corporate event requirements. Our experienced team is known for their dedication to providing unmatched customer support, so don’t wait to reach out to our team.

To ensure your next corporate event is carried out without a hitch, contact your closest Bierkeller venue today! You can either speak to us over the phone by calling 0800 0548 179 or get in touch with the relevant team via email. Once we’ve received your enquiry, you can rest assured our party planning committee will be in touch soon to help plan your corporate blowout!