Corporate event activities: fun and engaging ways to get your team bonded

Have your corporate clients had enough of the uninspiring bi-annual brunches and monotonous monthly conference meetings? Break up the everyday ennui of doing business and get them active and interested in both you and your company with some engaging and exciting corporate event activities!

To help you brainstorm some entertaining corporate activity ideas that are sure to go down a storm on your next corporate event day, we’ve listed just some of the different ways that you can really grab their attention and build those positive professional relationships. Why not pick one and give it a go?

Put thought into your theme

Selecting a suitable theme can really help to transform your corporate event from vaguely memorable to simply unmissable! From tropical tiki to winter wonderland, there’s an extensive selection of fantastic themes to explore. Whether you choose a decade or a movie-inspired theme, it’s important to pick a theme that reminds your corporate clients of your business.

Here at The Bierkeller, for example, our rip-roaring entertainment, décor, and even our delectable food and drink menus have all been created with heaps of Bavarian inspiration to help create a lively atmosphere that everyone wants to get involved with! Finding a theme that works with your business is therefore the first step towards creating a successful corporate event.

Feeling quizzical?

Long gone are the days of traditional pub quizzes played with a pen and paper! With a helping hand from some tech and a quirky quiz master, you can really ramp up the popular pub quiz into an interactive extravaganza. Interactive quizzes that involve audio and technology like handheld tablets can help to increase participant engagement and diversify the types of questions you can ask your audience.

Encourage physical activity

It’s a well-known scientific fact that physical activity can help to increase the production of endorphins (also known as the body’s pain-relieving feel-good hormones), so why not take advantage of this for your next corporate event? Get everybody up and moving with a sophisticated scavenger hunt or a competition-packed sports day!

Alternatively, you could always stay in your seats and settle for some riveting live sport action on the big screen if you’d rather watch the action than be a part of it. Simply add plenty of savoury snacks and refreshing beverages – what better way to do business?

Introduce some intrigue

To create a real sense of mystery and excitement around your upcoming corporate event, we recommend hosting a murder mystery night or escape room experience. The deduction, teamwork, and attention to detail involved in both activities can foster an atmosphere of collaboration while helping to strengthen those essential social bonds.

Choose something tasty

If a physical activity isn’t ideal for your corporate clients, then the next option to try is engaging them through their tastebuds! Regardless of whether you’d like to create an irresistible spread of treats to host a harmonious picnic or show off your culinary skills with a cooking class/competition or a delicious bake off, these comestible corporate event activities demonstrate that you’ve gone the extra mile to impress your corporate clients and bond as a group.

Why choose The Bierkeller for your next corporate event?

Offering five different prime city locations dotted across the UK, a choice of two delicious Bavarian-inspired food and drink menus, and oodles of entertainment in the form of unmissable live sport, ultra-entertaining oompah shows, and a selection of classic games, why wouldn’t you choose the Bierkeller to host your next corporate event?

Our bespoke corporate event and party packages can include all kinds of captivating and highly enjoyable corporate event activities. This includes putting on live music and DJ entertainment, sporting events, bingo and quiz evenings, and even race and casino nights to amuse your corporate clients and employees (*all our corporate events are dependent on your budget).

Ready to book your place at The Bierkeller?

Don’t wait until the last minute to blow your team away with an unmissable corporate event! Get in touch with your closest Bierkeller venue to find out more about our corporate event packages and even receive tailored support and advice to make planning your next corporate bash at The Bierkeller an effortless endeavour.

Simply give us a call on 0800 0548 179 or email the relevant team to bring your corporate event activities to life. Once we know a little more about your party preferences, we can get to work to help you pull off a corporate event that your clients will remember for all the right reasons!