How to make your corporate Christmas event a success

Summer is coming to an end – which means we’re fast approaching the festive season!

With that comes one of the most talked about events of the festive calendar; The Office Christmas party.

While the Christmas party is a fun event for everybody, it can quickly turn into an expensive affair.

The party experts at The Bierkeller are here to help with our top tips on how to throw an epic office Christmas party without breaking the bank!


How to have the best office Christmas party ever

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for corporate Christmas events. More than anything, employees look forward to them after a long year at work.

To make sure everything goes smoothly; we’ve put together this handy guide to ensure your office Christmas party is a roaring success!  


How early should I book our Christmas party?


The first thing you need to agree on is the date of your get-together.

People have other commitments outside of work which can make it a challenge. For that reason, you need to decide on a date sooner rather than later.

You may also want to consider which day of the week will be the most appropriate.

Friday nights are usually the safest option because nobody wants to be back in the office the morning after with a hangover! If you don’t turn up to work the next day, your boss will know the reason why.


Find and book a venue


Once you have your date sorted, you will need to find a suitable location.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that venues get booked up quickly when it comes to Christmas parties.

It may seem crazy to be discussing the festive season when summer is only just coming to end, but we would advise booking your Christmas party well in advance.

There are many different types of venues you can choose from; restaurants, bars, pubs – the list goes on.

Some venues (including us) offer an all-inclusive Christmas party package, which might make life a lot easier for you when organising the night.


Make it fun

It’s always a good idea to prepare fun games and activities for your work colleagues to take part in and enjoy.

Entertainment can bump up the cost, so why not organise your own?


Christmas Quiz

A Christmas trivia quiz can be a big hit among staff. You can create rounds based with different themes to give everyone a chance at winning.

Who knows? Maybe all those evenings spent watching Mastermind on the television could pay off!


Christmas Karaoke

Karaoke is another firm favourite at office Christmas parties.

Come on, who doesn’t love a good sing-along to Wham at Christmas time? Whatever you decide, incorporating activities into a corporate Christmas event will encourage your colleagues to let loose and have fun.


Tips from the pros about sticking to a budget


Set aside a realistic amount

Parties can be expensive! Before any planning takes place, you will need to set a budget.

Once you know how much money you have to spend, you can start considering ideas. The size of your budget will determine the scale of your Christmas event.


Food and drink

Food and drink are possibly one of the most important elements of your Christmas party, but also one of the costliest.

A buffet is a safe choice if you are going for a more casual feel and want to keep costs low. Finger food also allows people to mingle, rather than being glued to their seat.

Make it tasty, but affordable. Trust us, no one is bothered about gourmet fine dining! After a few glasses of prosecco, people will be reaching for the mini pizzas and sausage rolls.

It’s called party food for a reason!


Email invitations

The cost of physical invitations can take a small chunk out of your budget, especially if you have a long guest list. There’s also the time-consuming process of getting them to everyone and waiting for a reply.

Chances are that the paper invitations you send out will get lost or end up in the bin.

Nowadays, it is much easier to send out an email calendar invite instead. This way is much more cost-effective and gives guests the option to RSVP with a click of a button.

If you wanted to make things a little more personal, you could create your own invitation online using a free graphic editor like Canva.


Recycle decorations

To keep costs down, try to reuse decorations that you already own.

If you are struggling, ask your colleagues if they have any that you can borrow. Don’t fork out on a new set of expensive baubles or tinsel.

Some venues may decorate the room for you as part of a party package, so it is always worth asking when you enquire about your booking your Christmas corporate event.


How to survive your office Christmas party

Know your limits

The office Christmas party provides the perfect opportunity to let loose, relieve your stresses and socialise with colleagues outside of the work setting.

We know that it’s Christmas and you want to have fun, but there’s always one person that heads home early after a few too many egg nogs.

The last thing you want is to become the subject of office gossip for the next month because you faceplanted the dance floor or started a fight with Karen from HR.


Follow the dress code

Depending on where your party is being held will determine what you wear.

You may be attending a formal sit-down meal, or maybe it’s just a few casual drinks at your local bar.

Whatever the dress code is, try to look the part.

Wear something suitable and appropriate. Avoid anything outrageous. You don’t want to give the wrong impression. If in doubt, ask your colleagues what they plan on wearing.


Skip the office talk

Put the phone away and take this opportunity to get to know your work colleagues better.

Avoid all that boring office talk and engage in some interesting conversations.

Nobody’s interested in last month’s expense report. Keep the conversation fun and casual.


Stop moaning

After your fifth Bucks Fizz of the night, you might think it’s a good idea to start complaining about Debbie from accounts. Avoid gossiping! It gives a bad impression if you spend the entire evening bad mouthing other members of the team.

You could end up insulting someone to the wrong person, which could end up being very awkward.


Don’t overshare

Try to keep a professional attitude while also enjoying yourself.

Avoid spilling your deepest darkest secrets to your co-workers. Believe it or not, people probably aren’t interested in how badly your ex treated you. Not only that, you never know how this information could be used against you in the future.

Getting over personal, especially where alcohol is involved, can have consequences.


Have fun

The most important rule in this guide is to enjoy yourself, you deserve it! You’ve worked hard all year, now is the time to relax and have fun. If you follow this simple rule, not much can go wrong.



Why Bierkeller is the perfect choice for your office Christmas party


Still unsure where to host your office Christmas party? Well, look no further!

Every Bierkeller venue is centrally located in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham or Halifax – with transfer links nearby – and we offer unrivalled flexibility and versatility to ensure we throw a party you’ll talk about afterwards.

With state-of-the-art visual and audio equipment and access to some of the best local and national entertainers, we can guarantee you a night to remember!


Want to know more about what The Bierkeller can do for you? Our Christmas brochure includes everything you need to know about spending your corporate event with us, including party packages, festive buffets, and drink vouchers.

We can ensure that your Christmas party has everything it needs… without breaking the bank!

Get in touch today and a member of our friendly staff will take you through the options. You can even arrange a viewing of one of our locations if you like.

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