Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas That Will Keep Employees Festive

Cold weather, darker nights and a distinct lack of sunlight? It’s no wonder that the workplace tends to lose its lustre this time of year. Luckily, one festive holiday that brightens up this time for many employees in the UK is Christmas, so why not make this season special with some creative and cheery Christmas party entertainment ideas for work?

Take the elf off the shelf

This popular Christmas activity was originally used to make kids believe that the elf was alive, but there’s no reason why adults can’t dust off their own elf and place him in hilarious positions throughout the workplace. Whether the elf is stealing lunches from the fridge, photocopying his face or sitting in the CEO’s chair, there’s no limit to what this elf could get up to!

To spread the Christmas cheer, we recommend taking pictures of the elf’s antics and posting them on the company’s social media sites or popping them around the office. You could even create an elf on the shelf competition and ask employees to submit their cheekiest elf photo, awarding a prize to the mischievous winner!

Quiz the day away

While we’re all well-accustomed to the traditional workplace trivia quizzes at Christmas, they can certainly be updated to up the entertainment. For example, why not ask employees for a picture of them as a child then ask quiz participants to match the photo to the colleague?

Alternatively, you could create a quiz of memorable quotes said by colleagues throughout the year and ask participants to match the quote to the employee. The key here is getting creative. While general trivia about sports, movies, TV and general news is always entertaining, adding a personal touch can help to bring your team closer.

Christmas cookie competition

Another terrifically tasty Christmas party entertainment idea for work is to put those baking skills to the test with a cookie competition! Not only will the offerings (hopefully!) be delicious to taste test, but the process of creating them is sure to spark plenty of jovial conversations and memorable moments – just make sure the fire alarm is working before you start!

Packed with light-hearted fun, you needn’t be a master baker either, as you can purchase plain Christmas cookies and judge the quality of your colleagues’ decoration skills instead. Ensure you’ve stocked up on plenty of icing, sprinkles, food colouring and Christmas-themed edible decorations to help your employees make their cookies stand out from the crowd!

Capture the moment

Keeping the workplace entertained over Christmas likely means lots of fun-packed activities, so why not consider capturing (and emphasising!) these joyful moments with a photo booth? These playful photo booths encourage employees to relax and let loose, piling into the booth to ensure the photo features as many grinning faces as possible!

Affordable to hire for the day or evening, they make a great addition to any semi-professional party and you can use plenty of Christmas-themed props to really set the scene. From reindeer antler headbands to scarves, mittens, bells and lights, these accessories are essential to getting everyone in the festive spirit.

Dig out your Christmas jumper

Is there anything more festive than a novelty Christmas jumper? We don’t think so either! This Christmas party entertainment idea is a beloved favourite for employees and gives them a chance to show off their personality – especially if they usually wear uniform.

To make things even more interesting, you could even host an ugliest Christmas jumper competition with an irresistible prize as an incentive or simply don these festive sweaters for Christmas Jumper Day! Alternatively, you could set up a Christmas jumper decorating station and allow employees to decorate their very own knitted masterpieces with pom poms, sparkles, sequins and more.

Get out of the office

While many workplace Christmas parties are traditionally held in the office, picking a fresh location can really help to boost morale and festive spirit! This is because a new venue is not only exciting and interesting, but it also helps to break down the formality and stresses of the workplace.

Instead of viewing your colleagues as their job role, you can see them in a more relaxed light. Regardless of whether this out-of-the-office activity takes place at a racing track, a dedicated events venue or even your local pub, stepping out of the office for the day or evening can make all the difference.

Christmas celebrations at The Bierkeller

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