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Wurst Haus

Our German Butcher Klaus and our Friend Jannina Agree, "Ya - Sehr Gut"

U Boat £8.50

Kaserkraner sausage loved in Vienna, made with pure pork and cheese

PANZER £8.95

“Rindwurst mit chilli” Pork and a good mix of aked chilli and garlic, it’s got a nice kick so enjoy with a cold beer

Focke-Wulf £7.50

9” hotdog with mustard, ketchup, crispy onions, fries and sauerkraut on the side, enjoy with a glass of cider

Vegan £8.95

Made with Wheat protein and smoked, it’s a Vegetarian and Vegans delight

Currywurst Frankfurter £7.95

9” hotdog in our signature brioche roll with mustard, ketchup, crispy onions, fries and sauerkraut on the side

Dünn Currywurst £6.95

No bread roll, easy on the calories

Brotzeit Mixed Places

All plates come with nude skinny fries, sauerkraut, Curry ketchup, German mustard and garlic mayo.

Drei Wurste £15.95

Bratwurst, Currywurst and a smoked hotdog.

Funf Wurste £24.95

Bratwurst, kaserkraner, spicy Bratwurst smoked hotdog and a Currywurst.


Not so Bavarian but...very good burgers. All burgers come with nude skinny fries and chopped house slaw.

Eins Stack £6.95

Beef patty, cheese, tomato, red onion and ketchup

Kuh Mädchen £8.50

8oz premium beef, bacon, cheese, onion rings and bbq sauce

Garten £8.95

Falafel and mint patty, cheddar, red onion, tomato and minted mayo

Doppelt D £14.95

Two 6oz premium beef patties, southern fried chicken, double bacon and cheese, crumbed and fried cheese stuffed chilli pepper, garlic mayo and onion rings


Sweet Potato Fries £1.50

Spicy Wedges £1.50

Twister Fries £1.50

Aspen Fries £1.50

Bacon and Cheese £1.50

6oz Beef Pattie £1.50

6 onion rings £1.50