Yer Ma's Fav Quiz

Here at Bierkeller we have a brand new quiz fopr

Any scouser, or anyone living in Liverpool will of heard their share of ‘yer ma’ jokes & seen their fair share of ‘yer ma’ graffiti (mainly in bar / club toilets)

Now, apart from this being absolutely hilarious (nobody does funny like us scousers do) we also just really LOVE our ma’s.

So, anyone who brings their ma along to our quiz, will get a free bev

We know there are a lot of quizzes out there.. So we’ve ensured that our new quiz is a step above the rest.

What can you expect?

  • New & different prizes every week
  • Prize after every round
  • Your typical quiz rounds
  • Interactive game rounds
  • Hilarious (optional) bonus rounds
  • Free drink opportunities
  • Liverpool based round

Every Thursday: 7.30pm Entry - 8pm Start. Just £1 to play (pay upon arrival)

This quiz is perfect for everyone and anyone!

& if you want to stick around after the quiz you can dance the night away on our benches

What are you doing tonight la? Going to yer ma’s fave quiz!!!!

Yer Ma's Fav Quiz

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