Best places for a stag do in the UK

Weddings are a magical event – it’s the kind of day that the bride has been dreaming of ever since she was a young girl. However, ask the bloke and he will probably admit he is looking forward to his stag do night more! Known in America as a Bachelor Party, and a Buck’s Night down under in Australia, the stag do is how we refer to it in the UK. It’s an integral part of the whole wedding experience for the fella. Stag nights date as far back as the 19th century, which traditionally involved a black-tie banquet hosted by the father of the groom. It included a toast in honour of the happy couple. Boy, has that changed over the years! Nowadays the best man will arrange a weekend of activity, or even a full week abroad if the bride will allow it! However, with so many lively and vibrant destinations here in the UK, a lot opt to stay closer to home. The best places tend to be the ones with the busiest nightlife, for obvious reasons. A broad choice of bars, clubs, and casinos are all pivotal when choosing the right destination. However, if groups of lads are making a weekend, or even longer, out of their stag party, then a little culture thrown in to the mix along with some activities are definitely a strong consideration. We aren’t necessarily speaking about a night at the opera, or jaunts around museums and galleries – although some more refined groups may seek that enjoyment. 

So why do we have them?

Well to 99% of men, that question is relatively straightforward to answer. But for the remainder who might need enlightening, it’s to give the groom (or in this case, stag) one final night (or in many cases, a lot of nights!) of so-called ‘freedom’ before his nuptials.

You wouldn’t go as far as to say men get married just to have a stag do, although I am sure history would reveal plenty of examples (if the groom was honest enough to admit it).
These days, a ‘weekend away with the lads’ seems to be the option most tend to go with. And this is where The Bierkeller comes in; a perfect main course to accompany any starter and dessert.

Book a group party in to one of four lively venues, and make your plans around that.

Each place that boasts a Bierkeller presence offers its own unique appeal to a group of lads looking to create lasting memories and a weekend of hangovers.
But you need to cater for everyone, and there are plenty of fun things to do in the cities in question.


Manchester is a large vibrant city situated in the north west of England. Many perceive it to be the home of Britpop music, and it is steeped in culture. If you love a spot of shopping – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – then a trip to the huge Trafford Centre should be high on your list. Alternatively, why not stroll through the beautiful and picturesque Fletcher Moss Park & Botanic Gardens or even visit the iconic set of Manchester’s very own Coronation Street and step foot on those famous cobbles? At the Manchester Bierkeller, you can take your seat in Around The World, Shooters Sports Bar, and Bierkeller spread over two floors with four bars. There are multiple HD TVs, three projector screens and a large LED superscreen. Not only that, there are five American Pool tables and two full-sized shuffleboards.


Liverpool is home to The Beatles, rated by many as the greatest band of all time. So, when in Rome or, in this case, Liverpool, hop on the Beatles Tour bus for a musical experience extravaganza that is also a trip down memory lane. Located on the famous River Mersey, the Royal Albert Dock combines Liverpool’s heritage with its present day culture. Ideal for a stroll, grab a coffee, and just appreciate the magnificence. In Liverpool, the Bierkeller is located on the Royal Albert Docks and even has a stunning large biergarten overlooking the fabulous area. You can sit in the brand new Bierkeller Lodge, the Shooters Rack n Roll or our world famous Bierkeller room all set across two floors. No shortage of TVs here, with multiple HD televisions. This venue also offers projector screens and a large LED superscreen too. We also have brand new virtual darts lanes in the Shooters bar.


Famed for Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood, Nottingham can be found in the East Midlands region of England. As one of only a handful of places to be honoured as ‘City of Literature’ by UNESCO, it boasts a cultural appeal to thousands of visitors each year. It is a location with some wonderful architectural sights and two large capacity theatres as well as a number of more intimate venues. Head to our Nottingham stag do venue, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Offering the Bierkeller, Shooters Sports Bar, and Rack & Roll, set over three floors with a large bier garden featuring two outdoor screens. Play on one of our six English Pool tables. Alternatively, if you are a fan of the arrows, we have four darts lanes with an additional two for practice. For your viewing pleasure, Nottingham Bierkeller boasts a plenty of 60-inch TVs, projector screens and large superscreens!


Second only to London in terms of size, Birmingham is situated smack bang in the middle of the country. The Natural Sea Life is something appeals to everyone and has some fascinating oceanic exhibits for you to explore. Or why not pop along to Cadbury World? The tour takes you on a Willy Wonka-like journey across the history of chocolate. With 14 zones to navigate, you will be an expert on the confectionery by the end of your visit. Birmingham Bierkeller has all the similar viewing features as its four sister locations. There is the Bierkeller, Shooters Sports Bar, and Around The World set over two floors. More HD TVs than you could ever need, along with LED super screens, and projector screens. Then for games, there are three American Pool tables, one English Pool table and two full-sized shuffleboards.


Right, so you have chosen your destination and booked up. Time for the fun and frolics to begin. It’s fair to say the majority of stag parties are centred on alcohol, and most the momentous occurrences are generally beer-fuelled escapades.
A good film to get a bunch of lads in the mood for a stag party is The Hangover – although that probably takes proceedings to the extreme. Most are a little less dramatic than that, but it offers some interesting wild ideas.

The best mans job

Tradition dictates that the best man is the one to organise this particular event. The bride will always have the final say for the wedding itself, but for this particularly jaunt she isn’t in the frame and it’s left to the groom’s best pal to ensure he gets the perfect send off. Once all the lads partaking in the festivities get permission from their partners for the trip, the fun can begin. It usually isn’t long before a can of lager is cracked open or an early bar is discovered – which usually isn’t an issue at an airport. These trips can be expensive affairs, so it is always wise to have plenty of cash on you or at least clear your credit card for emergency. Wherever you land, it’s then a case of dump the luggage, a quick freshen up then out to find the nearest bar. Alcohol and sport go hand in hand, so a pub with SKY Sports is usually the trick here. Once the evening comes around, there aren’t too many straight heads so it’s off to a good drinking hole to continue the party. That is where the Bierkeller is the perfect spot.

Choosing The Bierkeller

We specialise for large groups – and don’t even mind if they are a little rowdy. In fact, the more the merrier, and we’ve hosted thousands of stag and hen dos since we opened. Plan your break around one of the four UK locations, and organise other activities to fill up the duration of your visit to the city. Being centrally located, the accessibility of the Bierkellers is what gives them that distinct advantage. With so many entertainment options in each of the four major cities, there is always plenty to pick and choose from when there. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be jumping in taxis and travelling miles in between places – especially if you are having a few beers during the day, and don’t want large gaps between beverages. Then at the end of the night, you are always going to stumble across a late night takeaway or even a decent curry house. Naturally you will be able to fill up at the Bierkeller thanks to our extensive food options but a kebab, burger or even a vindaloo en route home are almost traditions. It’s almost impossible to think that stag parties used to be reserved and almost a form of high society gathering. Believe it or not, their origins can even be traced back to ancient Greece and fifth century BC. Whilst modern stags weren’t too far away in Sofia, Bulgaria, it was in Sparta where the night before a wedding was a celebration of the man by his military comrades. They would enjoy a feast and toast the end of his youth and continued commitment to the cause. Fascinating hey? Nowadays it’s almost seen as an ‘initiation into marriage’ and largely a celebration. So make your last night of freedom a memorable one!